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Ok so I make no secret of the fact that I hate flying! I am not afraid of flying I hate the process of flying, all the rules and the horrible staff who are on power trips and of course this trip was no exception. We had 2 legs to the journey, Cairns to Brisbane and then Brisbane to Christchurch. The trip from Cairns didn't start well, when the chick informed us that we were 2.7 kilos over our 20kg limit... so we had to pull out a few clothes and then put them in our backpack that was going on the plane anyway! I mean seriously the mind boggles!
Gary of course gets picked for a random security check and then we are boarding the plane with no time to spare! The trip down was pretty uneventful and actually went fairly fast. Unfortunately when we got there we soon realised something was missing! Our bag!! Off to the service desk to wait in line for ages to be told that yes it hadn't made the security check in time and that they were sending it on the next flight. they would deliver it to the motel at 6pm.. luckily we didn't fly out to Christchurch that night!
We caught a taxi to the motel with Ian and Wendy, checked in with what I can only describe as the dumbest person I have ever met, she asked us 5 times in 5 minutes what our names were.. took our bags upstairs and went in search of somewhere to grab something to eat.. the check in lady told us there was a grocery shop a couple of blocks up the road.. she failed to mention that the blocks were a kilometre long each!! (did I mention it was raining!) We finally get to Hamilton Tavern and decided to just stop there and eat lunch.. they had a kids room so the kids were happy and we had a couple of drinks and ordered a delicious lunch.
Emma, Lee and their three girls Ella, Tanner and Lily soon came along and it was great to catch up with them and have a chat. We were then joined by my brother Scott and his wife Belinda and my nephew Corey and neice Emily and that was a lovely time as I haven't seen them for over two years as Scott has been living in America working. So all in all the day/night was great. Caught a taxi back to the motel and we had a couple more drinks in the room with Wendy, Ian, Emma and Lee.. before hitting the sack for the very early start.
Woke up at 3.40am to get ready for the 4.30am shuttle.. have never flown international before so wanted to give ourselves plenty of time to check in and get organised. We arrived at the Jetstar counter and were first in line, the guy at the counter was lovely when I explained I was a virgin international traveller and he worked out I wasn't talking about the airline :) He explained how everything would work and got us on our way.
We went and had some breakfast, got ripped off by the money exchanage lady at the airport and went through the security checks downstairs where I had to throw out my potentially dangerous hair defrizzer and toothpaste! Note to self, leave those sorts of things in suitcase!
I then of course get randomly picked for a security check by a big Maori looking dude, who takes me into a seperate cubicle things where he goes all over me and my bag with an explosive checker and a chick then frisks me! This is why I hate flying.. I am just an ordinary person wanting to catch a plane and I get frisked.. seriously the world has gone mad.. I know we have to protect ourselves from terrorists but am I the only one who thinks we have serious overkill with all the ridiculous rules?
We then go to our gate and wait to be called, we are all extremely tired but still happy and excited about going to NZ.. I cannot relax until I am on the plane and there are no more rules to worry about!!
The plane is 1/2 hour late but that is cool and we all get on with no dramas. We settle in the kids are happy, the adults are comfortable and a few of us order movies and we settle in for the trip. I ordered Sherlock Holmes and yep you guessed it my earphones don't work. The lovey air hostess gives me a new pair and they work fine but the upshot is because of the delay I didn't get to finish the movie LOL... oh well maybe on the return trip.. talk about keep me in suspense.
We finally get to Christchurch and hop off the plane, we are a little overwhelmed and not sure what happens next and so we spot a toilet and decided to use that :) Our first experience in NZ! The first thing we notice is how cold the water is coming out of the tap.. although Gary said his was scorching hot...
We go through customs, the lady is lovely and stamps our passports and collect our bags and line up to go through the x-ray machines all brilliant.. by this stage though we are really, really tired.. we head to Budget rentals and Ian and Wendy go to Thrifty... we were lucky enough to have no hassles picking up our car, Wendy and Ian however had a bit more drama... it took them forever to get served and I mean forever! When they finally get up there the lady tells Wendy that her license has expired and Wendy nearly had a heart attack before she realises that it has been renewed and it is on the back! Then they tell her that the car isn't ready!! Now keep in mind we have had the car booked for 2pm and it is now 3.45pm.. so we sit around for another 10mins and we are finally in our cars and ready to drive to the Holiday Park!

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