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Mt Cook

sunny 11 °C

Woke up this morning and got organised, the boys went for a game of mini golf while us girls went into town to have a look around the shops at Queenstown.. very expensive place but still nice to have a browse, Wendy and I picked up a couple of things but were pretty good.. stopped to have some sushi for lunch and the boys met up with us as they had finished mini golf. We then went to the bungy shop and Wendy and I bought t-shirts that said we were too chicken to bungy LOL
We then decided to head to Mt Cook and see what was there! The drive there was about 2 1/2 hours and the scenery was once again gorgeous. It was freezing cold though and we were enjoying being in the car and out of the cold. The highlight was this gorgoeous lake with aqua coloured water.. just beautiful.
Arrived at Glentanner Park where we were staying and realised we were very isolated and was curious as to what was in the village of Mt Cook.. soon discovered there was not much!! The boys were devestated to discover you could not buy beer in the whole area LOL or rather you could at $8 each at the Hermitage hotel so no drinks for the boys tonight! We did a 15 minute walk up a mountain in Tasman Valley after going down a long bumpy gravel road but the view was worth it and we got to see glaciers so that was pretty cool.
We were all pretty shattered from the day and so decided to have a quiet night in our rooms.. have reorganised the ports and am feeling a bit more organised. So that was today.. back to Christchuch tomorrow for 2 days before we get home :(

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12 °C

Today was all about fun, we decided to drive straight to Queenstown first thing this morning, it took about 2 hours from Te Anau and we got there about 11am.. we found a park in town and headed straight to AJ Hackett to book, Gary, Ian, Savannah and Tessa in for their bungy jump. Once we got there they decided to do both the ledge bungy and the swing, it was raining and freezing cold so we weren't sure how it was going to go but we are only here for today and tomorrow so we decided to just go ahead and do it!
On the way up to the Gondola ride that would take us up we spotted the place we were staying.. literally on the same street so that was handy, we then spotted a cemetary which did nothing to calm Ian's nerves LOL
We got to the gondola and booked ourselves in for 5 Luge rides as well (for Wendy and I and the two boys as we weren't doing the bungy)
Hopped on the Gondola, tried to get a couple of pics as the views were spectaculr but it was raining so this is the best I could get and got to the top.. it was absolutely freezing cold outside.. the coldest we have experienced since being in NZ.. the outside temp was about 12 degrees but the wind is what got to us
The daredevils checked in at the bungy counter and got on the ledge ready to go. Wendy, myself and the boys had a viewing platform to view and photograph and it was a great spot except it was so bloody cold and we had basically 8 jumps to sit through!
The first person to go was Gary on the Swing and that was cool to watch. Ian was hilarious as he looked so serious, he is absolutely terrified of heights so this was a big acheivement for him! Then Savannah and lastly Tessa.. no need to comment on these swings as the photos speak for themselves.
The next thing they did was bungy, this was a bit different to normal as they actually ran and jumped off this platform instead of the traditional waddle to the end and launch. Again Gary was first and he said he was absolutely terrified and actually hesitated before finally making the decision to just do it before launching himself in the wussiest way LOL
Ian, having watched Gary think it over a bit too much decided, not to think about it all and took a flying leap and swan dived off the platform! It looked really cool as you can see from the photos.

Halfway through taking photos of Ian my camera batttery died!!!! So I don't have photos of Savannah bungy jumping on my camera but we did buy the video and camera pack so there will be photos to share. Tessa poor darling after having to sit there through the other 3 psyched herself out of the bungy jump but she still did awesome by doing the swing.
After the bungy we climed the hill to do the luge, I had to conquer my fear of heights by going on a ski lift (which I hate) I did this by going with Wendy or Gary and closing my eyes the whole time!
It was worth it as the luge cars were heaps of fun.
After the luge we raced to the car to discover we had parked in a 15minute parking zone and got a $30 parking fine LOL.. we thought this was pretty cheap parking and didn't worry about it :)
We then drove out to Arthurs Point to do the Shotover Jet boat ride. Rhett was very nervous and wasn't at all sure about this ride but we talked him into it and he is so glad we did. It was so much fun and he ended up wanting to do it again!! We have photos of that too but not on the computer :)
Finally we checked into the place we were staying and walked down to a restaraunt we had been told about called Flames, where we received the most amazing meal I think I have ever eaten (because my battery was being charged on the camera, I have no photos but Wendy has some and will share when I get them off her) Gary, Ian and Wendy and the rib and beef and they bought it out on a bread board, that was how big the meal was! I had the seafood platter where I tried mussels for the first time and discovered that I do like them.. might even bring myself to try oysters next!!
After we finished we tipped our waitress who was awesome and I gave Wendy my half of the bill and we all left to wait outside while she paid up. While she was waiting the people before her were having problems with their card so she wandered around the restaraunt looking at the views etc, all of a sudden there was a bit of a concern from some of the staff members talking seriously and looking around anxiously, it dawned on her that they thought we had done a runner on our bill (which was $300!) LOL poor buggers were so relieved when she walked up to them and said are you looking for me :)
We walked back to our room had a couple of drinks, laughed at the photos and am just about to head to bed now :)

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Doubtful Sound

rain 18 °C

Today we headed out for a trip to Doubtful sound, everybody we talked to said it was a much better trip than the more famous Milford Sound.
I don't know if we are victims of scenery overload or if we are just a bunch of unappreciative people but we found this trip very long and very tedious... there were some great sights and we got up close and personal with some bottle nosed dolphins, we also got to go under a waterfall but it was just too long or maybe we are just too tired!
So I won't say much today will just post some of the photos.

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Cadbury Chocolate Factory and Te Anau

sunny 24 °C

Had a great nights sleep and woke up in a brilliant mood ready to start the day... could it be because I knew there would be chocolate waiting for me straight away!!
We headed into the city and waited for the Cadbury Chocoate factory tour to start.. unfortunately there were no photos allowed inside the tour, although we got some outside of it. This was a really fun tour, especially if you are a bit geeky like me and enjoy finding out how things work. If you ever do get to go to this tour be aware they make you take off all jewelry and they store your belongings in a locker so it might help you get a bit organised beforehand
Anyway back to the chocolate, the guide takes you up on the floor where you see where and how chocolate is made, when we went there were refurbishments going on so a lot of the factory wasn't working which was a bit of a shame as that would have been very cool. Highlights for me were.. all the free chocolates we got along the way, the chocolate fountain which was very impressive, showing us how Jaffas and smarties are made and learning how they make easter eggs :)
It was a good fun tour and I bought an old fashioned cadbury truck money box as a souvenir.. the kids were in heaven!

After the tour we headed to Te Anau which is about a 3 hour drive, this seemed to take forever today but we finally got here about 3pm, the weather was perfect, in fact it was hot, the boys were getting around in singlets, Wendy and I went into the town centre and did a bit of shopping and bought back some food for our picnic lunch we are taking with us to Doubtful Sound tomorrow and we just hung around the park for the rest of the afternoon.
We orderd some dinner from the local Pizzeria and had the best Pizza (cranberry sauce, chicken and brie!!) We met some great people from Melbourne and ended up spending the evening with them chatting and having a drink.. we are all very relaxed and ready for tomorrows adventure :)

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20 °C

I woke up at 5am this morning and couldn't get back to sleep so I was very tired all day and it was a big drive to Dunedin.. think it took around 5 hours.. we got there and was immediately impressed with all the buildings, another beautiful city in New Zealand.. Dunedin is actually reall big, I think there is 150,000 people that live there.
We had a quick bite to eat and headed into town to see if we could do the Cadbury chocolate factory tour but it was full so we booked in for 9am tomorrow..
meanwhile we had a quick look around the town and had a look at the steepest street in the world and then decided to drive up and down it! It was certainly an experience... very freaky and cool.
We then drove up the peninsula heading towards a quick look at Lanarch Castle before going to Natures Wonders, we decided to rely on the GPS to get us to the castle, unfortunately it took us up this narrow, scary road where Ian got bogged in the gravel and we ended up at a dead end.. it was a bit scary but sooo funny at the same time, we managed to get back down the road and travelled along the main road until we found the correct way to the castle, only to be told by the chick that we wouldn't have time to look at the castle if we wanted to get to Natures Wonders in time.. bugger really wanted to see the castle!
We drove along the peninsula for another 1/2 hour or so before we reached Natures Wonders, the people there were so wonderful and friendly, we felt like we had known them for years. There was only our group and one other family on the tour and I have to tell you, this was one of the best things I have ever done!
We got on these 4 wheel drive vehicles and go up the rugged roads with spectacular views until we reach a cliff face, we look down and there is a seal colony, we were so close that it took my breath away.. we watched Seals playing, swimming and lolling around.. it was truly awesome,
After we dragged ourselves away from there we went to another part of the reserve where we saw Yellow Eyed Penguins and Blue Penguins.. they were a bit further away as they don't deal with humans very well at all but it was still very cool to see them.
We got back to the home base and met the owner Perry who was a great guy who had just come in from shearing some sheep.. he said the place has been in his family for generations and to stop in at the pub at Portabello as he owned it, which we did and had a very yummy dinner!
Before we left though the kids got to pat a sheep called Rosie, which was a big thrill for them LOL

We got back to our motel absolutely shattered and slept!

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